External seminars

Members of 9 Stone Buildings undertake a wide variety of external seminars for Professional CPD/Training Providers; Solicitor Law Firms In House; Professional Bodies and Local Law Society’s

Below are a selection of events which you may obtain further information by following the hyperlink on each event.

If you would like further information or to hold a similar seminar please do not hesitate to contact the Senior Clerk by email to clerks@9stonebuildings.com


Paul Wilmshurst:

MBL Seminar – Town and Village Greens – A Comprehensive Guide

London 24 May 2017

Despite recent changes, the registration of land as a new town or village green remains a ‘nuclear weapon’ for those seeking to oppose development of land. For landowners the registration of land means the total destruction of any future value in the land as local inhabitants acquire rights over it. This course will cover all the latest cases and arguments being advanced at public inquiries and will include practical advice for opposing or promoting applications. For more information see: http://www.mblseminars.com/Outline/Town-_-Village-Greens—A-Comprehensive-Guide/8274


Rory Brown:

Rory is the opening speaker in the Chancery Bar Association’s Channel Islands Conference in November 2016. His lecture is entitled ‘The Seven Principles of Freezing Injunctions’. It will be of interest to civil litigators, in particular those practicing in commercial dispute resolution, civil fraud and insolvency. For details and booking, see www.chba.org.uk/events/CI-conf2016-Gpractitioner-booking


Daniel Bromilow:

MBL Seminar – Restrictive Covenants on Land – A Masterclass

Bristol 20 October 2016;

Manchester 27 October 2016;

London 24 November 2016

This intermediate level course is designed as an in-depth guide to restrictive covenants on land, from creation to discharge. It will address the practical issues which arise in relation to the enforcement of covenants, the interpretation of covenants, when covenants will lapse or be extinguished, and how they can be modified or discharged by an application to the Lands Tribunal.


Daniel Bromilow:

MBL Seminar – Commercial Leases – A Practical Analysis

London 8 December 2016;

Manchester 14 December 2016;

London 1 February 2017

There are plenty of potential pitfalls when negotiating and drafting a lease of commercial premises and once the lease is in place there are still danger areas. This highly practical seminar, presented by a leading speaker on land and property law, concentrates on eight topics which can present problems when dealing with existing leases. Aimed at experienced Commercial Landlord and Tenant practitioners, Property Litigators and Surveyors alike, it is a practical analysis of the key issues which can arise and will focus on how to avoid the potential pitfalls.


Helen Pines Richman:

MBL Seminar – Wills, Promises, Gifts & Trusts – A Guide to Key Succession Issues

Bristol 1 March 2017;

London 26 April 2017

Providing practical guidance, this course will discuss the changing landscape of succession.

It will cover wills, promises, gifts and trusts through to intestacy, divorce and re-marriage


Peter Shaw:

MBL Seminar – Insolvency Litigation Conference 2016

London 24 November 2016

This year’s conference will cover a wide range of topical issues relating to the law and practice of insolvency litigation. Chaired by Stephen Allinson, topics will include recent case law on the court’s powers in relation to inquiries into companies’ dealings, remedies in relation to misfeasance claims and an analysis of the top six personal insolvency cases of 2016. Peter Shaw’s talk will be “Misapplications of Corporate Assets & Antecedent Transactions