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Helene Pines Richman has specialised in private client, property law and related aspects of commercial law for over 25 years. She has been called “a formidable role model for women at the English Bar,” (The Independent”), and for many years was recommended as a leading Junior in The Legal 500. She is well-known as a tenacious advocate, a careful and analytical thinker, and a polished performer in court with a passion for her cases and a deep and wide knowledge of the law. She takes on a full range of matters up to large multimillion pound disputes – difficult cases involving considerable tactic, strategy, and judgment, as well as technical expertise – often on the most urgent basis.

The following was said of her recently, “Helene Pines Richman is a remarkable and exceptional barrister with a detailed knowledge of the law. In court she is unflappable, knowledgable, cerebral and tenacious. I watched her find and develop a path through a tricky case that was characterised by lots of drama and surprises, and where she had to adapt and develop her strategy and act quickly, which she did with alacrity. I saw how the judge depended on her expert knowledge to find his way to making a judgment”.

Mrs Richman has a chancery practice with English as well as international focus. She is frequently instructed in matters involving property, other high value assets, and parties in multiple jurisdictions. She is a member of the New York Bar and began practice in New York, after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania (Ivy League) with a BS in bioengineering, and thereafter a Juris Doctor. She specialised in intellectual property for many years.

Since 1992 her practice has encompassed all aspects of wills, trusts, administration of estates, inheritance act claims, proprietary estoppel claims, tax, Court of Protection, charities, divorce/ancillary relief, professional negligence, property and some aspects of commercial law. She is regularly briefed in matters before the judges in tribunals and of the Chancery Division and Family Division, and has argued countless appeals all the way up to the Supreme Court.

She was lead counsel for hundreds of defendants in mortgage cases brought by BCCI over a period of years. In 2001, she acted in the well-known mortgage undue influence/misrepresentation case of Royal Bank of Scotland v Etridge in the then House of Lords.

Mrs Richman has a special expertise in assisting vulnerable clients – children and adults, and the elderly. She is instructed in financial, property, trusts and wills as well as personal welfare and community care matters. She is also a trustee of several charities and advises on charity law.

In 2018, Mrs Richman was elected to Barnet Council in a historic vote. As a councillor she focuses on planning, property and regeneration. At her practice at the Bar, she takes on matters involving these areas.

Mrs Richman regularly presents half and full day seminars for MBL, and other law course providers. She is also on the Lexis Nexis Private Panel, continues to write for law journals and has appeared on BBC and Radio 4 on legal issues.

Helene Richman is a CEDR accredited mediator with decades of experience, known for her deep knowledge of the law, understanding and ability to relate, and trusted to help solve even the most difficult and sensitive matters.

She has presented a webinar for Simon Gore Consulting on administration of estates and succession where there are international issues.

She has also been invited to present a talk at Withersworldwide.

Practice Areas

Private Client +

Wills and Probate- advising and drafting, construction, rectification, challenges to validity – formal validity, fraud, forgery, undue influence, lack of testamentary capacity, want of knowledge and approval, donatio mortis causa, commorientes, forfeiture, foreign wills, international wills, domicile, substantial overseas elements, non-contentious practice, professional negligence in the above areas.

  • Moffat v Harber (2018) in Dartford County Court – acted for Claimant In will rectification claim. Deceased told the claimant before she died that she had left him the paddock where he stored his horses. Will failed to bequeath but notes of conferences mentioned paddock.
  • Re Doreen Dawne (Chancery Division) (2012) – challenge to will on grounds of forgery and/or undue influence in circumstances where testatrix who left entire estate to diocese of Westminster. Testatrix was a former well-known actress and beauty queen.


Trusts – settlements, constructive and resulting trusts, special trusts, protective trusts, trustees powers, duties and liabilities, protectors, removing/adding trustees, disclosure disputes, insolvent trusts, foreign/offshore trusts, trust assets overseas, trust taxation and trusts for disabled and vulnerable persons.

  • Downes v Downes (2019) EWHC 491 (Ch) – trial of dispute between 2 brothers over ownership of 3 properties purchased over 40 years ago, and a valuable classic car:- trusts, sham, and laches.
  • Acting for elderly mother, through litigation friend, LPA attorney (2019) against daughter for breach of trust as fiduciary and bare trustee where substantial sums were invested in sham financial schemes and lost.
  • Ancillary relief dispute in Family Division (2018). Mrs Richman was brought in as trust specialist in case of divorcing foreign couple with multiple residences, numerous U.K. and off-shore trusts, U.K. and worldwide assets and property.
  • Tax advice (2018)- acting for Estate concerning tax complications from unexpected death of young middle aged man, recent consent order in Ancillary relief, severance of several properties, liquidation or transfer of substantial family company shareholding’s, and other assets, attempting to reduce tax liability.


Administration of Estates – grants, Beddoes and Benjamin Orders, distribution, tax, claims by and against estates, insolvent estates, disputes between or against executors and trustees, and beneficiaries, proprietary estoppel.

  • Acting for executor/daughter (2019) concerning distribution of estate and whether series of substantial gifts were portions or not; effect of double portion rule, effect of LPA attorney making gifts without Court of Protection approval.
  • Harris v Le Feuvre (Ch Div) (2017) appeal of order for removal of executors.
  • Fernandes v Fernandes (2015) EWHC 814 – Acted for administrator who successfully fought off Claimant to Estate property under a resulting trust, illegal activity potentially involved.


Inheritance Act claims – late claims, spouse/partner, ex spouse/partner, co-habitants, adult and young children.

  • Hillman v Woodward and anor (Gloucester County Court May 2019) – Succeeded after 6 day trial of claim under Inheritance Act 1975 brought by adult daughter, married with her own children, against estate of her late mother who had promised she would inherit but instead had left a letter of wishes specifically disinheriting her daughter.
  • Bohoquez and others (2019 – ongoing)- acting for Islamic second wife not civilly married, as cohabitant under section 1 (1A), with two children also claiming.
  • Acting for adult son (2019) who successfully brought claim under the Act  seeking forgiveness of a loan and avoidance of repossession of his home purpose built for his disabled son.
  • Jean Marie v Bernard (Principal Registry) – Claimant was married to someone else; Assets were outside country, enforcement difficult.
  • Doorey v King (Ch Div) (2015) – trial and appeal of claim by cohabitant under section 1 (1A).


Divorce and Ancillary Relief – particularly involving trusts disputes, property, pensions, company and partnership assets, UK and multi-jurisdiction.

  • Jackson v Jackson (Canterbury County Court December 2019) – acted for husband in financial remedy claim where a number of discretionary trusts settled by wife’s parents and worth over £1.5 m were is issue as a potential resource, with evidence of trustees.


Court of Protection – financial, residential, health care and personal welfare decisions, LPAs and EPAs, deputies, and Statutory wills.

  • In re Croft (2015) – statutory will.
  • In re R (2015) –  provision re adult with profound learning disability.
  • In re Gupta (2012) – statutory will, Indian Succession Laws.
  • In re Kenneth Hurst (2011) – order for removal of attorney and account.


Charities – formation, administration, dealing with the Charity Commission, bequests to charities, disputes.

Property +

Real Property – options, conveyancing, land registration, restrictive covenants, easements, rights of way, rights of light, other appurtenances and hereditaments, nuisance and trespass, boundary disputes and professional negligence.

Landlord and Tenant – residential, including enfranchisement and lease extensions, service charges, forfeiture and determination of leases, and commercial tenancies.

Co Ownership – trusts of land, beneficial interests, equitable accounting , occupation rent, proprietary estoppel, Pallant and Morgan equity.

Planning, local and national schemes, regeneration, 106 conditions, community infrastructure levy, Assets of Community Value, and local government law.

Riparian rights, Water rights, harbours, foreshore and seashore.

  • Downes v Downes (2019) EWHC 491 (Ch) – trial of dispute between 2 brothers over ownership of 3 properties purchased over 40 years ago, and a valuable classic car:- trusts, sham, and laches.
  • Mendoza v Butt (2015) (Ch Div) breach of lease, barrellage, issues of quantum.
  • Ullah v Ullah and another (2013)EWHC 2296 (Ch) Constructive Trusts, beneficial interests, father bringing claim against sons concerning 7 properties, other traceable properties.


Commercial +

Personal insolvency, including bankruptcy, mortgages, charges and securities, insurance, financial products, partnerships, joint ventures, and closely held companies.

  • Qureshi v Qureshi (2016) (Ch Div) long running dispute between 4 brothers over partnership and trust assets and breaches.


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Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners
Member of Chancery Bar Association

Helene Pines Richman is an independent self-employed barrister registered with the Bar Standards Board of England (ref. no 28764); whose practice is governed by the Code of Conduct of the Bar of England and Wales which code can be found at www.barstandardsboard.org.uk; has full professional liability insurance provided by the Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund Limited (ref BM 2930/028) (details of the world-wide cover are provided at www.barmutual.co.uk); is registered for VAT (reg. no. 649 8967 53); and can be contacted during chambers opening hours by telephone at 02074045055 or by e-mail at clerks@9stonebuildings.com.

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